The Yorkshire Handy Woman

The Yorkshire Handy Woman can do everything that a handy man can, only better because she’s a Woman and a Yorkshire Woman at that!

Whether it’s your garden or your house, or even both, that needs a ‘do over’ or repairs and maintenance, why not give me a call?

I started The Yorkshire Handy Woman as I feel there is a definite need for a service where women are able to hire a ‘Handy woman’ instead of a handy man, in order that they can get jobs done and still feel safe in their homes. 

My Services

Garden Maintenance

Weeding, Pruning, Mowing and Clearance

Garden Landscaping

All aspects of landscaping covered

General Handywork

Fixing it or building it, I can help

Building Flat-Packs

Not your thing? It is mine!

Custom Builds

Unique solutions to add storage

Cob Builds & Planning

Garden Studios. Pizza Ovens & more

Business update – April 2024

So, I am now 7 weeks post-surgery and have had my first follow up appointment with my surgeon last week. Following seeing the surgeon it has taken a week or so to take onboard the details of what was discussed and to make a decision about the future of The Yorkshire Handy Woman for 2024.

Prior to the surgery on my shoulder, I thought that I had been advised that the recovery period would be just a couple of months, but it would appear that I had misunderstood. It seems that the actual recovery is 9 to 12 months and I am nowhere near a return to my handy woman business. I am 54, so I guess it might take a little bit longer, however, I’m always determined and have already overcome so much since my truck driving accident in 2011 which has left me permanently disabled; I see my recovery from my shoulder surgery as just the next challenge/hurdle.

If, in 9 to 12 months time, it seems that the surgery has gone as hoped it may be that I end up with a shoulder that’s as good as new, and as such, I will then look to make a return as The Yorkshire Handy Woman in May 2025, fingers crossed.

If the surgery doesn’t solve the issue with my shoulder, then I will no longer be able to operate as a handy woman. Stubborn Yorkshire lass or not! If that is the case I will potentially close the business down then. I hope that my Yorkshire stubborn streak will help me get the other side of this too and I will be able to go back to doing the job that I love, fingers crossed.

If it turns out at the end of this year, beginning of next year, that I am not going to be able to be a handy woman doing the jobs anymore, then I have another way that I can help women and girls and that’s to empower them to use the power tools for themselves. I’ll look to teach DIY skills to you in your home or garden. Instead of paying me to do it for you, you’ll do it using my tools and knowledge/experience and in doing so, empower yourself into a life of female self-sufficiency.

So, whatever happens with the recovery of my surgery, if the goddesses are with me, I hope to be back either doing DIY for women, or teaching women to do DIY, in May 2025, all things being equal!

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No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Whether you need a garden makeover or just some general weeding, pruning or mowing. Maybe you need a room decorating or your whole house renovating. Is it that your house lacks adequate storage, so you are in dire need of some unique storage solutions.

Well, I can help with that.

With over 10 years experience of property and land development, as well as a whole raft of craft and construction experience, I pride myself on 

seeing solutions where others see only problems.

From paving to patios, painting to plastering, repairs to renovations, rebuilds to new builds, fixing to replacing, I’ve got it covered.

I also build with cob. Check me out here at The Yorkshire Cobber

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Latest Projects

Bathroom Mosaic

‘I want my bathroom tiling, but I don’t just want tiles in a line on the wall’ said my client. Well, this was the most fun I’ve had with a hammer and some grout for ages. What’s more, all the family did a bit of it so they are all connected to their bathroom. Brilliant!

Shed Renovation

This shed had laid in pieces on concrete, stood against a fence, been used as a climbing frame by the neighbour’s children, a bed by the local cats and seen autumn, winter and spring pass before being reinforced and reassembled to live once more as a shed.

Loft Storage Solution

I’ve spent the last couple of Sundays sorting out some storage shelves in a loft space so that the space works better for the client.
Predominantly this shelving was made using repurposed timber and is attached directly  to the rafters and roof beams.

I’ve Been Building & Developing For Over 10 Years

It wasn’t the academic side of school that lit me up as a child or young person. It was the woodwork, the metalwork, the arts and the crafts. Technical drawing and planning how to build things was another great passion. I see solutions where others see just the problem, and through the skills I’ve gained, I’m able to make the solutions a reality.

In more recent years power tools have become my obsession, along with mini diggers and dumper trucks. I’m a woman who can. Simple. I refuse to believe that I can’t. That is me. That is all.

From small projects to full scale ‘field to farm’ and ‘house renovations’ I’ve spent the last 10 years proving that anything is possible if you have a Di!

Contact me and let’s make your dreams a reality.

Call For a Quote:

(07950) 774-717

Let’s Build Something Together

From small projects to full scale ‘field to farm’ and ‘house renovations’ I’ve spent the last 10 years proving that anything is possible if you have a Di!

Contact me and let’s make your dreams a reality!

Yeah, OK. But what else can you do?

As well as doing the big scale projects on property and land, I also do lots of Arts & Crafts stuff. I am a creative and I love to create. I take private commission work for anything that can be made with Wood, can be painted with Glass Paints or Acrylics, or created out of textiles.

Why not take a look at my works.

Glass Paintings

Client Testimonials

I want my bathroom tiling, but I don’t just want tiles in a line on the wall” was the brief I gave. I absolutely love the end result and that Di let us all do a bit of the mosaic so that we can all look at it and see the bit we did and remember the fun we had doing it! Highly Recommend A+++

L Wilson

“Before Di came and took a look in the loft it really was just chaos up there. You had to endlessly play box chess to get to anything that you wanted. Di looked up in to the loft space and saw the solution straightaway. I would Highly Recommend her every time ”

A Garside

“I contacted Di as I wanted a very specific piece of equipment making, but I wanted the look of the Biltong Cutter to be simple, yet stylish. What I got from Di was exactly that. Where others see problems, she sees solutions and stylish solutions at that. I Highly Recommend her”

K Roodt

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